We are happy to anounce that starting May 27th, 2021 we are opening our monthly prize raffle events! Starting on that date, users will be able to start submitting their Amperes test results to our cloud benchmark servers. All CrioSoft Amperes apps, downloaded from the Apple AppStore are eligible to be used to do so. Please feel free to download our free Amperes version here, or any other paid versions of Amperes apps from our CrioSoft Apple AppStore page. Both free and paid app submissions have equal chances to win. Please note that all Amperes apps not downloaded from the official Apple AppStore are not eligible to participate.


    To enter the raffle, use your Amperes app to submit your testing score result to our online benchmark service. You can do so by pressing the "Submit Online" button, and submitting your scores.

    Important: in order for your submission be accepted as a prize ticket, you need to enter your email address instead of any other comments. Your email address will be automatically removed from the publicly available test data, so it will not be visible to anyone. We need it in order to notify the winners. Please note that we do not collect any additional private information. As such, please make sure that you are providing an email address that can accept emails, and that you can use to reply back with. If your registration email wins, but you will not be able to reply to us using the same email, you winning position will be re-drawn and awarded to someone else.

    Only unique test results will be accepted. Each user will be limited to their first 100 submissions (Raffle tickets). You do not need to keep track of the tickets. Once you will reach the limit, it will be displayed in the app. Please check the full official rules about the raffle HERE. And yes, you can enter from anywhere in the world.


    For the first month, we will start with 4 tiers of prises:

    1-st place winner will get a new Apple AirPods Pro, specially engraved for the winner.

    Two lucky winners will share the 2-nd place and will get $100 VISA or $100 Amazon gift card each.

    Three participants will share the 3-rd place and will get either $50 VISA gift card or $50 Amazon gift card each as a prize.

    For the last prize tier, we will have 20 winners, that will get free copies of our paid Amperes apps.

    Well, that's not that dream car or that bike you've always wanted, but hey - its just a free chance to get something without paying for it, or paying a tiny amount if you would chose to purchase a copy of the paid app.


    All submissions must be sent to our cloud server starting May 27th, 2021 0:00:00 and the last submission will accepted June 27th, 23:59:59. No other submissions will be used for the raffle.


    If you have questions or comments about this event, please contact us at: