Ampere Battery Check

Test the charging speed of your device.

The only available algorithms

Ampere Battery Check utilise the only available methods currently to get the charging information for your iOS device and provides you with precise results.

Easely choose the best charger for your device

You can see which charger and charging wire is actually the best for charging your device by comparing the charging scores.

Read the test instructions

Please make sure that you read the test instructions before testing.

Get usage times

Get a remaining usage times on your battery charge for most of the standard activities like web browsing, call time, etc.

Get custom usage times too

If you want to find out how long will your favorite game or other activity or app last on the remainings of your battery charge, you can measure it once and then just refer to the dynamic usage list.

Check wireless chargers

Using this app you can measure the effeciency of the wireless chargers as well. Any chargers.

Download Ampere Battery Check

At this moment, Ampere Battery Check is available for download only from the Apple iTunes Store.